Preview Photos:

A special thanks to photographers Ethan Yang (, art director H1 ( and Christina Stoll ( for granting us permission to use their photos! Please note these photos are copyrighted by the respective photographers and can therefore NOT be included in the download file. Stock photography used in this theme is also NOT included in the download.


And to the team of Ethan Yang and H1:

  • Karis Noh – Producer – Visit Website
  • MK Chung – Visit Website
  • Jina – Hair – Visit Website
  • Human Potential – Wardrobe – Visit Website
  • Temptation – Accessories – Visit Website
  • Caterina Leaness – Model – Visit Website


Preview Videos from H1:


  • True Skin


Written & Directed by: Stephan Zlotescu
Director of Photography: H1
Original Music: J-Punch
Producer: Christopher Sewall
Manager: Scott Glassgold / IAM Entertainment

An N1ON Production


Preview Videos by the Avant/Garde Diaries:

Video 1: Rick Genest aka Rico the Zombie – Embrace Everything That Is Different


  •  Production: Artists and Organisation / Camera and Editing: Jens Schwengel / Interview: Jan Joswig / Special Effect Make-Up: Twilight Creations, Tamar Aviv, and Anke Schiffl / Photography: Nadine Elfenbein / Assistent Photography: Daniel Wilkniss / Modeling: IZAIO Models / Styling: Linda Ehrl (Acne Jeans, Adidas by Jeremy Scott, Adidas Silver, Awareness and Conciousness, Bless, Bjørg, Butterflysoulfire, JuliaandBen, Miranda Keyes, Moga e Mago, Vibe Harsløf, Y-3) / Music: Walera Goodman

Video 2: Electricity Inside – About a Skate Video


  • Production: Kitty Bolhoefer/ Filming & Photos: Fridolin Schöpper ( / Editing: Konterfei / Music: Bunnystripes / Sound: Kevin Pate

Video 3: Roy Choi – Flavor of Los Angeles


  • Produced and Directed by Christopher Ambrose and Fatking Films / Sound and Lighting by Ignacio Caraballo / Music by Turf War / Sound Mix by Brian Rund at Mind Smack


Social Icons and graphics displayed in projects: 1,3, and 4.

By FreshIdeas –


All other photos are either stock photography or graphics created by UDTHEMES.


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